Meet Style Entrepreneur Kristy Weiber

Kristy Weiber is the Co-Founder and President of Rent Frock Repeat. From an early age, Kristy desired a career that would draw on her passion for art and fashion but for a long time, found herself working jobs where a uniform was required.

She spent a decade working in the cosmetics industry as a manager and makeup artist. During this time, she’d either wear a white lab coat for Clinique or dress in all-black from head-to-toe for other companies. As a result, Kristy wasn’t able to explore or experiment with her personal style, let alone watch it evolve.

“You didn't get a chance to really express yourself in a fashion sense,” said Kristy. “When I met my business partner Lisa at the Art Institute, it was very professional and button-downed. So again, not a lot of room for expression.”

Later, Kristy and Lisa were both invited to the same wedding. Both of them did not want to shell out five to eight hundred dollars on a dress for a one time use. They’d heard of dress rental services in the United States so did some research and found out that companies did not ship to Canada.

“In that moment, I saw the light bulb go on over her head. She saw the light bulb go on over my head. We went out and bought 'Starting a Business for Dummies' and a year later we were up and running and it'll have been 8 years in May,” said Kristy.

Since working in the fashion and retail industry, Kristy has watched her style change immensely. She loves working somewhere where people can be themselves and dress in whatever way represents them best. “It's nice to finally be in an environment where myself, the team, and the staff can really embrace their own fashion brand and they're each very individual. So, we see the girl with pink hair who's more of a rocker chick and the girl who's a feminine, boho, Stevie Nicks chick,” said Kristy.

Now a successful fashion and design entrepreneur, Kristy is fluent in finding clothing that she looks amazing in.

“I can kind of wear whatever I want now. What's really funny is I realized, I really like to wear jeans and a t-shirt. That's kind of my go-to everyday, jeans and a shirt or a sweater and my vans or my converse. Then on the odd occasion I actually get to dress up, it's something a little funky or a little bohemian. The V-Neck Blazer I really was dying over. The necklace and the graphic tee is way more my style but every once in awhile, I have to put a fancy dress on and that's also kind of fun too. I like fashion but I'm pretty happy in my uniform of jeans a t-shirt but the moment a new dress comes into the showroom I'm like that's amazing. Where can I wear it? Can I wear it to the grocery store?”


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