Meet Corie Caplan

In honour of International Women's Day, Grayes will be dedicating the month of March to celebrating women. We will be posting a series of interviews featuring inspiring Grayes women driving change.

Tell us about your career journey.

Directly after graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University, I landed my first job at a boutique software company doing all things marketing from e-newsletters, social media and website content to planning their first-ever user conference. I immediately fell in love with event planning and execution and knew my next role would have to be in this space. I moved on to the Women’s Executive Network (WXN) and grew from a special projects coordinator to events manager, to my final role as their Director of Business Development and Client Relations. My time at WXN solidified not only my passion for creating high-impact events, but also my dedication and commitment to diversity and inclusion. After five and a half years at WXN, I was ready for my next venture and took on the role of Manager of Principal Sponsors at the Toronto Region Board of Trade. I was with the Board for less than a year and a half when I randomly stumbled across the job posting for a brand-new start-up and global movement called #movethedial. I was grateful to have just made it into the final round of interviews and was completely enamoured with the organization and our founder’s infectious passion. I started at #movethedial in May 2018 and am their Director of Partnerships & Community.  I absolutely love the work we are doing and appreciate the positive impact we are having on as many women as we can, in the tech and innovation space.

Tell us about your personal style and how it has evolved over your career.

I would describe my personal style as modern casual. While I do my best to keep up with ever-evolving trends, I tend to play it safe with simple, put-together looks. Most of my career has been in the corporate world, so my wardrobe always needed to be more formal and professional but now that I work for a trendier tech company, I’m able to bring out the best of my casual pieces and play a bit more with colours and textures. I feel my best when I can be dressed casual and comfortable, so I’m now more than ever able to best express myself through my clothing. It feels freeing to go to events and meetings dressed as a I would if I were to be going out with my closest friends for a dinner downtown.

What's the best style advice you've ever received? What's the most important piece of style advice you would offer young businesswomen?

The best style advice I’ve received is to dress for your body type. I’m a tall, curvaceous woman and while I’d love to fit into the slim-fitted, straight lines offered from most European clothing stores, I’m mindful that those clothes don’t fit me in a way that makes my body look good or me feel good. Now when I shop, I’ve become more aware of shapes and styles that are best suited for my body and I can confidently shop without needing my mom’s advice – sorry mom!

I would echo this same advice to young businesswomen and encourage them to step outside their comfort zones to play with bolder colours and styles. It’s the days when I wear items that are most outside my usual style that I receive the most compliments.

What items of clothing or ‘looks’ make you feel the most powerful and like your most authentic self?

I love a good blazer. The right-fitted and right-coloured blazer is the ultimate power look in my opinion, and my most favourite piece in my wardrobe has to be my red blazer. Every time I put it on, I feel empowered and ready to take on whatever is ahead of me.

What do you love most about the Grayes brand?

I’d say the two most important things to me are the use of high quality materials and versatility. As I get older and thankfully earn a bit more, I more than ever appreciate the idea of investing in high quality, well-made pieces, as opposed to spending my money on lots of pieces that I end up getting rid of in a year. I like the idea of having a few key pieces that I can mix and match, as opposed to a massive wardrobe with pieces that wear and wash poorly and that I can easily get sick of.

What is your philosophy when it comes to your wardrobe, and particularly your work wardrobe?

My philosophy for my work wardrobe is dress to impress but comfort is king. I want to look like a polished professional but also feel my best in clothes that I can wear all day long. It can be difficult to find clothes that blend comfort with style, but I’m up for the challenge.

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