Meet Entrepreneur Laura McGee

The Driven by Grayes campaign brought together four unique and accomplished women to co-create a versatile capsule collection. Today, we are share some highlights of our conversation with Laura McGee as she tells us what it means to be Driven.

Tell us about your career:

I am a startup CEO [check out Laura’s company Diversio here]. I practiced at McKinsey and Co doing strategy consulting on economic growth and diversity and inclusion, which led me to start a company in the diversity space to help companies overcome some of those challenges.

What was the inspiration behind your piece?

I love my capsule piece. It's something that I could put on any day of the week, know that I looked and felt good about myself and not have to worry about being restricted all day.

Paired with great jewelry and heels, the Laura Dress seamlessly transitions for an evening out.

Why did you participate in the Driven by Grayes campaign?

I love [Grayes Founder] Stephanie. I love what she's trying to do and I think it's a real value add for women. Rather than simply picking models, how can I pick real people who face the same kinds of considerations that I do every day and kind of put them, you know, front and centre.

What does it mean to be you to be Driven?

I think Driven has a lot of different meanings, for me it's knowing at your core what you're motivated by and driving towards that.

For an easy office look, the Laura Dress simply requires a great pair of shoes.

Laura’s Charity of Choice:

A portion of proceeds from each Laura Dress sold will be donated to Summit Leaders, a not-for- profit organization fostering interest in business and entrepreneurship among Canadian youth.

About The Laura Dress:

Move seamlessly through your day in the Laura Dress. With cap sleeves, the dress offers modern modesty in and out of the office. A removable tie belt allows you to wear the dress two way, as a shift dress or belted for more shape at the waist. 

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