Meet Investment Banker Michelle Khalili

The Driven by Grayes campaign brought together four unique and accomplished women to co-create a versatile capsule collection. Today, we are share some highlights of our conversation with Michelle Khalili as she tells us what it means to be Driven.

Tell us about your career:

I'm an investment banker. I work in the capital markets industry. As a part of my role, I work with companies and management teams to help them grow and seek out new opportunities.

What was the inspiration behind your piece?

I chose a piece that is very simple and classic, you can take from day to evening just by changing the accessories. 

Why did you participate in the Driven by Grayes campaign?

What I love about Grayes is that it was founded by a Canadian woman. To be able to work with somebody that started a brand and grew it in Canada, to me, is very, very significant. And on top of it, these amazing clothes!

What does it mean to be you to be Driven?

To be Driven is being motivated internally to always do better no matter what the circumstances are or what the opportunity is.


Michelle’s Charity of Choice:

A portion of proceeds from each Michelle Dress sold will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society, Canada’s preeminent organization devoted to the lives of those living with and affected by cancer.

About The Michelle Dress:

Designed for everyday versatility and simplicity, the Michelle Dress features an Ink Blue structured stretch fabric that supports, but never tugs. Michelle designed the dress to keep up with her, effortlessly moving from day to night.

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