Meet Tech Maven Kirstine Stewart

The Driven by Grayes campaign brought together four unique and accomplished women to co-create wardrobe essentials that take you from day to night. Today, we are share some highlights of our conversation with Kirstine Stewart as she tells us what it means to be Driven.

Tell us about your career, and how you ended up in tech:

I started out in media and moved over to tech when I took the job at Twitter to run their Canadian office and start it up. I went even deeper into tech and now I'm the president and CEO of a company here in Toronto called TribalScale.

What was the inspiration behind your piece?

My capsule piece is this Grayes blazer. It's a staple. It’s classic. What I love most about the Grayes brand is that it is quality over quantity, but style and design as well. We want to look our best and we don't necessarily want to spend a fortune doing it, but we do want to invest in pieces that last a while.

Kirstine White Blazer
Paired with black pants and heels, the Kirstine Blazer transitions from the perfect boardroom staple to date night.

Why did you participate in the Driven by Grayes campaign?

I find it fascinating and thrilling that there are women entrepreneurs who stepped into the fashion space in order to help other women.
The initiative is not just thinking about the people wearing the clothes but its thinking about the people who are going to get advantaged by the charitable aspect that is part of the campaign.

What does it mean to be you to be Driven?

For me, to be driven I think is to have purpose. All of us have different reasons to be driven and I think that's wonderful.
You can't be motivated by other people’s assumptions of what that should be for you. You have to look deep down inside and figure out what it means to be driven to you.

The Kirstine Blazer in White from Grayes | White Woman's Blazer
For a more casual look, the Kirstine Blazer pairs perfectly with your favourite jeans and bold jewelry.

Kirstine’s Charity of Choice:

A portion of proceeds from The Kirstine Blazer will go to #MoveTheDial, a Canadian organization dedicated to participation and advancement of women in tech.

About The Kirstine Blazer:

Accustomed to a casual dress code, she designed the Kirstine Blazer in a neutral bright white to pair just as well dressed up or down. With an angular, v-cut collar and a subtle crop, the Kirstine Blazer is a c-suite staple. This updated basic works with everything, giving you one less thing to think about.

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