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What gets me out of bed in the morning is a desire to build and grow my own business, and to help other entrepreneurs build their companies. I've been a startup storyteller for over a decade: first doing in-house communications at a startup, then as editor of a startup publication where I wrote about hundreds of startup companies, and now as the owner of Eighty-Eight, a marketing agency focused on branding and storytelling for startups, tech firms, and large brands looking to reach an SMB (small to medium business) audience. I'm extremely passionate about entrepreneurship, and I try to encourage everyone I know to either start their own business, or to go work at a startup. Working at a startup teaches you to be resourceful, to work on things outside your comfort zone, to be nimble, and to be creative (for example, doing a lot with little budget). It's a great career move even if you're not planning to start your own business.

In addition to running my agency, my focus has also shifted to helping other entrepreneurs in a more formal capacity—I'm now an advisor to four small businesses, and I've invested in two companies. So I've really started to focus on prioritizing my time, being more ruthless about saying no to things, and focusing on my businesses (while still taking every Saturday off to enjoy wine and pizza, of course).

Everyone has different motivations for why they get out of bed, but mine definitely centre around entrepreneurship. My days are more stressful, more jam-packed, and more uncertain than others who have jobs at Fortune 500 companies, but they're also much more fulfilling, creative, and exciting. 

— Erin Bury
Managing Director
Eighty-Eight (


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