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Q: My job requires constant travel. How can I pack light without compromising my style?


A: A good carry-on bag is a necessary, time-saving tool when it comes to navigating 21st century air travel. Ditching the oversize suitcase doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style.


To start, choose clothing that is tonally similar, so you can scale back on the accessory and shoe changes. Plan your outfits in advance, choosing versatile pieces that you can mix and match for different occasions and dress codes. If you’re in a bind for a fresh shirt, many hotels also offer same-day laundry and drycleaning services. (Some detergent and a hotel sink can go a long way, too, in a pinch.)


We’d generally advise that you stay away from easily creased fabrics like silk or fine-gauge cotton. Opt for durable fabrics such as wool, lyocell and polyester (yes, really!), and pack them as flat as possible. Resist the urge to cram; fewer folds means fewer creases. And if the in-room ironing board doesn’t do the trick, you can always  hang your pieces in the washroom while running a hot shower.


As for your travel outfit itself, comfort doesn’t have to mean casual. Smart fabrics offering a bit of stretch—such as those found in our Pencil Pant and Notch Blazer—are perfect for keeping comfortable on the plane, while also looking sharp enough to take you right into your meeting without missing a beat.


Bon voyage!



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