Copy of Grayes X Michele Romanow: Cross Canada Campaign - video test

Grayes has partnered with Michele Romanow, serial entrepreneur and Dragon of CBC's Dragons' Den, to take the Driven by Grayes campaign across Canada. We will be hosting a series of pop up shopping experiences featuring Michele's Picks along with her recommended styling!

Michele Romanow's Picks and Styling Tips

The Flare Pant

Michele always feels confident in the Flare Pant, a nod to her signature pant look.

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The V-Neck Blazer

Michele relies on the V-Neck blazer to take her from the office, to evening, and straight into the weekend.

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The Straight Dress

Michele opts for the Straight Dress because she loves it's versatility, dressing it up or down, depending on the day.

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The Bomber

Michele loves the Bomber, clocking in with a dress or pant, and clocking out with jeans and a t-shirt.

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